Flagbearers at the 2014 Annual Conference Opening Ceremony

Each member community or organization is encouraged to donate a community/city/county or sister city organization flag for the Parade. If you donated a flag from 2014 and beyond, we will use again this year. New flag donations are considered a one-time member gift to Sister Cities International and will be retained for use during future Opening Ceremonies.

Please ship flags to:

Sister Cities International

915 15th Street NW, 4th Floor

Washington, DC 20005

Flag Specifications

Flags should be 3 ft. x 5 ft. (92 cm x 152 cm) with sheath diameter greater than 2 1/4 inches (57 mm) and no larger than 3 inches (76 mm). Sister Cities International will provide standard size flag poles.

Please notify [email protected] when your flag is en route.

International conference attendees are invited to provide a city flag as well, however it is emphasized that this is a parade of community/city flags and NOT a parade of country flags/national colors. Country flags/national colors will NOT be accepted as a substitute for a community or city flag.

All flags must be received by Friday, July 13, 2018. If we have not received your flag by this date, we cannot guarantee the flag will be in this year’s parade.