Board Candidates

Sister Cities International’s Board of Directors is elected by its membership at the Annual Business Meeting during the Annual Conference and through online voting. The Board comprises twenty-five to twenty-seven members, including twenty-one At-Large Directors, one Young Professional, one State Representative, the Board Chair Emeritus, the Board Chair, and up to two Directors appointed by the Board Chair with the approval of the Board.

Profiles for the certified 2019 Board candidates running for election to Sister Cities International’s Board of Directors are provided. There are nine (9) open At-Large Board positions as well as one Young Professional position. Seven (7) of the positions are for full three-year terms (2019-2022), one (1) is for a two-year position (2019-2021) and one (1) is for a one-year position (2019-2020). The three-year positions will be filled by the 1st through 7th place candidates, the two-year by the 8th place and one-year by the 9th place. The Young Professional position (under 35 years old) will serve for the normal two year term.

Sister Cities International’s Board of Directors is elected by its voting members-local sister city organizations. The election includes both electronic voting from June 3rd to July 18, 2019, as well as in-person voting at the Annual Business Meeting on July 18, 2019, held during our Sister Cities International’s Annual Conference in Houston, Texas. The primary contacts for each current member will be emailed a link to their electronic ballot, which they can then use to either vote online or designate on-site voter for the Annual Conference in Houston, Texas July 18th. Members can expect to receive their ballots the first week of June.

Of note, those candidate names marked with an asterisk (*) have been nominated by the Board Development Committee for election.

Click on the board candidates’ names or photos to view their full profile including bios, statement of interest, and skills and assets.

At-large Candidates

Young Professional Candidate

Bylaw Changes

There are three proposed changes to SCI’s  bylaws.  All proposed changes must be approved by at least 2/3 majority of the votes cast.

Text with strikethrough formatting will be deleted and text in bold is added.

  • Bylaw Change #1

    Article 3, Section 3. Term of Office. The term of office for each Director shall begin immediately upon the conclusion of the Annual Meeting at which he/she was elected, or immediately upon appointment to the Board of Directors pursuant to the Bylaws of the Corporation. Terms of office may fluctuate somewhat in precise length due to annual meeting schedules as approved by the Board of Directors and shall be limited or otherwise governed accordingly:

    7. No Director shall serve on a continuous basis for more than two full terms, unless as provided by virtue of serving as Chair of the Board of Director or through an interim appointment.

  • Bylaw Change #2

    Article 6, Section 3. Honorary Board Alumni. An Honorary Board Alumni may be appointed. The Honorary Board Alumni shall be composed of persons who have served the Corporation in an exemplary manner, have rendered outstanding service locally, nationally or internationally on behalf of the Mission of the Corporation, or are otherwise recommended for appointment.

    Honorary Board Alumni members shall be presented by the Chair of the Board of Directors for approval by the Board of Directors. Honorary Board Alumni appointments shall be on-going appointments, carrying no specified expiration or fixed term of appointment. Honorary Board Alumni members may be removed for cause by action of the Board of Directors after consultation with the Honorary Board Alumni.

  • Bylaw Change #3

    Section 4. The Global Awareness Team shall serve to extend the leadership representation and operational reach of the Chair and President/CEO. It is comprised of the Eisenhower Distinguished Leadership Council, the Mayors Leadership Council, the Global Envoys and Continent/Region/Country Representatives annually nominated by the Chair and approved by the Board of Directors.